I received my master’s degree in Digital Media from Georgia Tech in May 2017. I was fortunate to take amazing classes with extremely talented professors. Here are some of my projects and group projects.

My Projects

Master’s Project: Storycar

My master’s project explores using the streetcar in Atlanta as a storytelling platform in order to get people interested in the area and engaged with the community.  Based on research, it offers flexible routes to engage explorers of the city. 


GameBridge: Get More from the Story

Paper: https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2932209 Presented at the TVX conference in 2016.

Created in Janet Murray’s Experimental Television Lab, GameBridge is a transmedia project that creates a convergence point for a television show, a book series, and other media forms in order to create an immersive experience in a storyworld. Using the HBO show Game of Thrones as a model, my group created a game that is released episodically after the release of television show episode. In other words, after a TV show episode is released, a game episode is released. In this way, the connection between the characters and the events on the show with the viewer deepens, forming a strong emotional connection.

Narrative Tactile Graphics

Tactile graphics provide visually impaired students, especially those in STEM related fields, the ability to read diagrams, maps, charts, tables, and other graphics required to learn a subject. My project explores the way in which the experience of using tactile graphics can be enriched through storytelling.

Chance Encounters

Interactive fiction game that takes place in a shared storyworld called Savannah 2032 with three other games. I programmed the game using a Python tool called Ren’Py. 

Speculative Fiction



As part of an exercise in speculative fiction, I read about a technology that researchers at Georgia Tech were working on and wrote a blog post about the implications of the technology. I’m not saying more because you should read the story for yourself and see what you think! 

Making Poetry Out of Tweets

Using the Processing programming language and natural language processing, I created a program that generated poems out of tweets from various authors I enjoy. 



Transformational Women: Guadalupe and Sor Juana

A digital humanities project where I created an interactive website that told about the journies of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz and the Virgin of Guadalupe. 


Navigating Day of the Dead

Final project for Computer as an Expressive Medium at Georgia Tech, I created an interactive exhibit that told the immersed the participants in the world of Dia de los Muertos using the Kinect and the Makey Makey.


The Spirit of Hogwarts

We were given the task to make a film prop for my Digital Craft class, so of course I made a Harry Potter one. 


GPS Scarf

Who enjoys looking like a tourist when walking around? No one. Wear a scarf that gives you directions!

Group Projects

Memory Phone

Memory Phone is a project created in response to the mission statement of a local fashion designer, Karen Glass. Our project explores the concept of preciousness as functionality.

Interconnected Macy’s Concept

In a service design course, we took the did observational research to learn about ways to improve the overall shopping experience. Our video highlights our final project idea. 

Digital Craft


Wearable technology for good: a DIY Arduino brooch set to remind  you to get some sun!