24601! If you caught that reference, you’d also catch on to the fact that I love musicals. I like to call myself a nerd of all trades, because I know a little about a lot of different fandoms and hobbies.

But let’s forget about that for now! You’re here to look at my work. I’m a UX researcher because I am a perpetual learner and love to dig into problems. But with me, you won’t just get a UX researcher. You’ll get someone who isn’t afraid to take on projects that might go outside the norm for a specific job description (as long as it does ultimately tie back in some meaningful way to the team!)

In my work samples here, I’m not going to show you the process for ALL my usability tests. I’m going to show you my process for one, but then I’ll show you some of the other ways I’ve done research. For confidentiality reasons, I’ll keep it fairly high level, but feel free to contact me for more!