When researchers are a party of 1 on a team, you’ve got to figure out ways to enable other team members to do research.

Along with other researchers in my organization, I’m part of a team that’s establishing a more formalized toolkit that we can give to designers to run with doing their own research.

That said, I already have provided my team with templates to run competitive analyses, stakeholder interviews, heuristic evaluations, and usability testing.

Competitive analyses and heuristic evaluations have been fairly straightforward in creating a template and then helping them run with it.

For stakeholder interviews, I’ve set up a list of questions that I’ve given out to team members to go through. I created a notetaking form in Airtable that everyone followed so that everything was automatically streamlined.

In the past, for usability testing, I have a template that I give designers to complete and then I review and make changes.